A journey of a thousand
miles begins with a single step.
Destination Consultancy

Destination Consultancy

We are an expert on our destinations. We are close physically and mentally to our products and the potential clients, so we know how to build attractive programs that satisfy local market needs.
  • We provide thrilling programs based on our real travel experience and wide Partner’s knowledge.
  • We stay close to local communities and show the natural beauty of each destination.
  • Site Inspection trip is our key tool to educate ourselves and our Clients.
  • We believe that creating a real trip is also a part of the Art.
B2B Travel Management

B2B Travel Management

Smooth and efficient communication is a key success factor in any business - we are building network of reliable and solid suppliers of touristic and business services, working in Incentive Tour and Tour Operators sector.
  • We know Eastern and Central European market, and we are well known on the market.
  • We work with the best MICE suppliers on destination we offer.
  • We are part of our Partner’s Team who speaks the clients' language, understands requirements and mentality, additionally works in the clients' time zone.
  • Innovative business solutions, IT tools and personal involvement enable us to provide the highest service standards, creating safe and stable environment for tourism development including Incentive Travel.
Education Event Design

Education Event Design

We are creating new perspectives of business development for our Clients and Partners,  by presenting unique solutions with respect to new technologies, personal development and acquiring knowledge during business meetings.
  • We arrange boutique face2face workshops (buyer-seller), prepare dedicated sales calls and create innovative meeting opportunities.
  • Implement powerful educational sessions about creativity in Incentive Travel projects.
  • M runs dedicated trainings for Young Incentive Travel Managers and support them in their first projects. We help to grow in a MICE business.
  • M runs also the seminars for the students of Tourism and Recreation at Higher Banking School in Toruń.